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This course is designed for learners who already have foundational knowledge and skills in Microsoft Excel and who wish to take advantage of some of the higher-level functionality in Excel to analyze and present data. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to leverage the power of data analysis and presentation to make better informed, intelligent organizational decisions.

Course Requirements

Learners should have used Excel before and be familiar with creating basic formulas, using Autofill along rows or columns and working with Absolute Cell References (e.g. $C$5) to refer to fixed figures – such as VAT rates or performance targets.

What You Will Learn

In particular you will be able to:

  • Create advanced formulas
  • Analyze data by using functions and conditional formatting
  • Organize and analyze datasets and tables
  • Visualize data by using basic charts
  • Analyze data by using PivotTables, slicers, and PivotCharts


  • Worksheet Margins
  • Worksheet Orientation
  • Worksheet Page Size
  • Headers and Footers
  • Header and Footer Fields
  • Scaling Your Worksheet to Fit a Page(S)
  • Visually Checking Your Calculations
  • Displaying Gridlines When Printing
  • Printing Titles on Every Page
  • Printing Row and Column Headings
  • Spell Checking
  • Previewing a Worksheet
  • Viewing Workbooks Side By Side
  • Zooming the View
  • Printing Options
  • Setting the Number of Copies to Print
  • Selecting a Printer
  • Selecting Individual Worksheets or the Entire Workbook
  • Selecting Which Pages to Print
  • Single or Double Sided Printing
  • Collation Options
  • Page Orientation
  • Paper Size
  • Margins
  • Scaling
  • Printing
  • Getting Help with Functions
  • Nested Functions
  • Consolidating Data Using a 3-D Reference Sum Function
  • Mixed References within Formulas
  • Inserting the Current Time and Date
  • Today Function
  • Now Function
  • Day Function
  • Month Function
  • Year Function
  • Round Function
  • Rounddown Function
  • Roundup Function
  • If Function
  • And Function
  • Or Function
  • Sumif Function
  • Count Function
  • Counta Function
  • Countif Function
  • Countblank Function
  • Rank Function
  • Left Function
  • Right Function
  • Mid Function
  • Trim Function
  • Concatenate Function
  • Fv Function
  • Pv Function
  • Npv Function
  • Rate Function
  • Pmt Function
  • Vlookup Function
  • Hlookup Function
  • Dsum Function
  • Dmin Function
  • Dmax Function
  • Dcount Function
  • Daverage Function
  • Naming Cell Ranges
  • Removing a Named Range
  • Named Cell Ranges and Functions
  • Applying Styles to a Range
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Custom Number Formats
  • Copying or Moving Worksheets betweenWorkbooks
  • Splitting a Window
  • Hiding Rows
  • Hiding Columns
  • Hiding Worksheets
  • Un-Hiding Rows
  • Un-Hiding Columns
  • Un-Hiding Worksheets
  • Using Templates
  • Creating Excel Templates
  • Editing Excel Templates
  • Using Paste Special to Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide
  • Using Paste Special ‘Values’
  • Using Paste Special Transpose Option
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  • Noel was an excellent tutor. He did check all of the group was able to keep up and if there were any problems or questions of the attendants, he was always willing to help.

    Marianne Seager - Wincanton
  • This was a really good training, nicely paced, very useful and well presented. Thank you, Stuart!

    Joris Latinne - Oracle