Virtual Training

Training Courses Delivered Remotely Online

All of our training courses can be delivered online and attended anywhere in the world.

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Why Remote Training?

There are lots of great benefits to training in a virtual classroom. Here are the key ones:

No Travel Required
Save on time and expenses

Attend a course from anywhere

Lower Cost
No more travel or accomdation costs

Time Saving
Reduces the time away from work

How Is It Done?

Remote training courses are run using video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or WebEx.

Each delegate will need:

  • A desktop or a laptop computer
  • A headset with microphone
  • A stable broadband connection
  • A webcam is recommended but not required

Virtual Labs

Virtual Training Environments Hosted in the Cloud

To supplement your training we are able to offer online training environments which are setup with everything required for the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you offer virtually?

– All of our courses can be run virtually.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

– For courses using Zoom the hardware requirements can be found here.

– For courses using Webex the hardware requirements can be found here.

How do I communicate with my instructor?

– Prior to the course you will be sent a set of detailed instructions on how to use the selected platform. You will be adviced on how to communicate with your instructor and what other useful features are available.

Will I receive courseware?

– All courses include courseware. In most cases the courseware will be in a digital format. If necessary hard copies can be provided for an additional fee.

– If you have any other questions about virtual training or would like to arrange a demo please contact us.