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SQL & Database Training Courses

We offer a wide range of SQL and Database courses covering:

  • SQL Introduction to Querying
  • Oracle PL/SQL and MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Crystal Reports
  • Data analysis with SPSS and R programming
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SQL Training

Public Course SQL Introduction to Querying 2 days

This SQL Introduction course quickly enables you to get the most from SQL queries and reports. It is run monthly in Reading and can be delivered as a private course at your offices.

SQL Training

SQL Training Courses

Choose from a range of courses covering specific versions of SQL such as ANSI/ISO SQL, Microsoft T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL and MySQL and at different levels including SQL programming.

Excel & Office Training Courses

We offer a wide range of Microsoft Office courses covering:

  • Office 365, 2016, 2013 and 2010
  • Excel and Excel VBA
  • Word, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Access, Project and Visio
  • SharePoint and InfoPath
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Excel Intermediate Training

Excel Intermediate Course

This is one of our most popular courses for Microsoft Excel. It can be run at your offices for one or more delegates.

Excel Tips & Tricks

Excel Tips & Tricks

Our trainers can show you many Excel Tips & Tricks to imporve your capabilities with the software. Our blog is also a good resource for this information.

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Our Training Is Incredibly Easy To Organise
And Fully Responsive To Your Needs

We make it is easy for you to get the training you really need at a cost effective price giving great value for money and increased productivity.

A Collaborative and Transparent Strategy to Reach Your Training Goals.

Our learning advisors will agree the content of the course with you.

Using our experience we will propose a solution to match your needs.

Experienced trainers will deliver your training in a fun and engaging way.

All our courses come with unlimited post course email support from the people who trained you.

Training at your offices

Training on your site

We train throughout the UK and can arrange training on your site or at another convenient location. If you wish we can provide laptop computers on which to do the training. These are compact and can be used effectively in any general meeting room with tables.

Increase the "value added"

Custom training courses can cost less in real terms than standard courses. You can choose the topics to be covered during the training in consultation with our learning advisors and trainers. They have years of experience of constructing effective focused training which gets results.

Custom Courses

Our Benefits

Customer Support
Unlimited post-course e-mail support on the topics you were trained on.
Small class sizes
Allowing increased interaction time with the trainer.
Laptop Computers
Laptop computers available for on-site training.
Experienced trainers
Communicate effectively making training enjoyable and productive.
Online Training Centre
Remote instructor led training using Webex virtual classroom.
Course Manual
Explains concepts and provides examples and exercises.
Learning by doing - reinforcing the learning process.
Reading Training Centre
Modern air-conditioned close to station.
Company Quality System
Continuous improvement over 20 years.
Systematix Clients

Our Blog

7 reasons to learn SQL Watermarks

Structured Query Language, or as it more usually known SQL (pronounced Sequel), is a special-purpose database programming language. It allows you to manipulate rows and columns of data from databases organized much like a spreadsheet and to analyze the fields (columns) and produce results tables. These results can then be displayed as management reports, graphics and charts and fed into a spreadsheet program for further analysis. The list below shows some of the key reasons to learn SQL.

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3d Excel

Just how many sheets can we have in a workbook?

It wasn’t until 1989 that spreadsheet programs enabled more than one sheet in what is now a workbook. The initial maximum limit was 255 sheets in a workbook. The current limit is limited only by available memory. Not to be confused with the Excel Options > General > When Creating New Workbooks > Include this many sheets. This is limited to 255 sheets. You can still add more once the file is created.

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Microsoft Project Planning

Microsoft Project planning ensures your projects receive many benefits.

You’ll be able to forecast better and prevent last-minute surprises. When forecast models don’t meet required deadlines, you can take corrective actions to resolve critical project tasks from a time-required, costs and manpower perspective.

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