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This course builds on the foundational and intermediate knowledge presented in the earlier course and your previous Excel experience to help you get the most from the software. The ability to collaborate with colleagues, automate complex or repetitive tasks, and use conditional logic to construct and apply elaborate formulas and functions will give you the full power of Excel at your fingertips. The more you learn about how to get Excel to do the hard work for you, the more you'll be able to concentrate on getting the answers you need from the vast amount of data produced by organizations.

Course Requirements

To ensure success, learners should have practical experience creating and analyzing datasets using Excel. Specific tasks learners should be able to perform include: creating formulas and using Excel functions; creating, sorting, and filtering datasets and tables; presenting data by using basic charts; creating and working with PivotTables, slicers, and PivotCharts; and customizing the Excel environment.

What You Will Learn

In particular you will be able to:

  • Work with multiple worksheets and workbooks simultaneously
  • Share and protect workbooks
  • Automate workbook functionality
  • Apply conditional logic
  • Audit worksheets
  • Present your data visually


  • Creating and Using a Pivot Table
  • Filtering and Sorting Data within a Pivot Table
  • Automatically Grouping Data in a Pivot Table and Renaming Groups
  • Manually Grouping Data in a Pivot Table and Renaming Groups
  • One-Input Data Tables
  • Two-Input Data Tables
  • Creating a Combined Line and Column Chart
  • Adding a Secondary Axis to a Chart
  • Changing the Chart Type for a Particular Data Series
  • Adding a Data Series to a Chart
  • Removing a Data Series from a Chart
  • Re-Positioning Chart Title
  • Re-Positioning the Chart Legend
  • Moving and Formatting Chart Data Labels
  • Modifying Chart Axis Scales
  • Formatting an Axis to Display Using Commas
  • Inserting Images into Chart Columns
  • Inserting Images to Chart Bars
  • Formatting the Chart Plot Area Using a Picture
  • Formatting the Chart Area Using a Picture
  • Inserting a Hyperlink
  • Editing a Hyperlink
  • Removing a Hyperlink
  • What Is Embedding and Linking?
  • Linking Data within a Worksheet
  • Linking Cells between Worksheets within a Workbook
  • Linking Data between Workbooks
  • Linking Data from Excel to a Word Document
  • Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document
  • Updating, Locking and Breaking Links
  • What Is a Delimited Text File?
  • Importing a Delimited Text File
  • Sorting Data by Multiple Columns at the Same Time
  • Applying a Pre-Installed Custom Sort
  • Creating a Customized List and Performing a Custom Sort
  • Removing a Customised List
  • Using AutoFilter
  • Using AutoFilter to Perform Multiple Queries
  • Top 10 AutoFilter
  • Removing All AutoFilters from a Worksheet
  • Advanced Filter Criteria
  • Sub-Totalling
  • Removing Subtotals
  • Expanding and Collapsing Outline Detail Levels
  • Enabling or Disabling the 'Track Changes' Feature
  • Sharing, Comparing and Merging Worksheets
  • Scenario Manager
  • Scenario Summary Reports
  • Data Validation - Whole Number
  • Data Validation - Decimal Number
  • Data Validation - List
  • Data Validation - Date
  • Data Validation - Time
  • Data Validation - Text Length
  • Customising a Validation Input
  • Message and Error Alert
  • Removing Data Validation
  • Tracing Precedent Cells
  • Tracing Dependent Cells
  • Cells with Missing Dependents
  • Showing All Formulas in a Worksheet
  • Inserting and Viewing Comments
  • Editing and Deleting Comments
  • Showing and Hiding Comments
  • Macro to Change the Page Set-Up
  • Macro to Apply a Custom NumberFormat
  • Macro to Format a Cell Range
  • Macro to Insert Fields into the Header or Footer
  • Assigning a Macro to a Button on the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Deleting Macros
  • Adding 'Open' Password Protection to a Workbook
  • Adding 'Modify' Password Protection to a Workbook
  • Removing an 'Open' Password from a Workbook
  • Removing a 'Modify' Password from a Workbook
  • Password Protecting Cells and Worksheets
  • Hiding Formulas
  • Un-Hiding Formulas
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  • Noel was an excellent tutor. He did check all of the group was able to keep up and if there were any problems or questions of the attendants, he was always willing to help.

    Marianne Seager - Wincanton
  • This was a really good training, nicely paced, very useful and well presented. Thank you, Stuart!

    Joris Latinne - Oracle