Power BI and DAX Training Case Study – Saving 10 Hours A Week

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    Learn how each data analyst at Lincolnshire County Council saves around 40% of their time per week thanks to our in-person Power BI and DAX training in the UK

    From 20 reports, to 1, thanks to Power BI and DAX training.

    In our newest Power BI and DAX training case study, we spoke with Stewart at Lincolnshire County Council, a local government authority in the UK, about how the team at Systematix rolled out in-person Power BI and DAX training across the organisation and transformed his team’s data management and reporting processes through interactive corporate Power BI and DAX training that his team actually enjoyed!

    Learn how Stewart, who at the time of the training was Business Intelligence team manager, went from publishing 20 reports to a SINGLE report after our training, reducing workload by 30% and 1.5 days a week on tasks were instantly streamlined with better Power BI and DAX reporting knowledge after our in-person PowerBI training. That’s a MASSIVE 10 hours per week saved! And over 40 hours a month PER employee on the analytics team!

    Needless to say the team could be a LOT more productive with that kind of workflow reduction.

    PowerBI Training Case Study Results Summary

    The Challenge: Stewart and his team at Lincolnshire County Council, a local government authority in the UK, faced a major challenge that all public sectors face when onboarding a new system: safely migrating their reporting from Business Objects to Power BI, and learning how to use the language and syntax of DAX for advanced analytics and measure creation. With Business Objects as their previous tool, employees were spending hours on issuing tables of data that were not very visual or interactive. The need for corporate Power BI and DAX training was clear.

    The Solution: Systematix, a leading provider of in-person Power BI and DAX training in the UK, stepped in with a tailored learning program that the team at Lincolnshire County Council could use to hit the ground running. This wasn’t just about learning Power BI and DAX; it was a masterclass in transforming Power BI and DAX into powerful tools for data management and reporting with minimal disruption (if any) to the existing data capture and reporting.

    The Results: Stewart and his fellow Lincolnshire County Council employees reported a significant improvement in their skill level after the Power BI and DAX training, with Stewart personally saving 30% of his time per week and a total of 10 hours per week on data reporting tasks that could be streamlined with better Power BI and DAX reporting knowledge. This efficiency gain was a breakthrough in workflow and data management, highlighting the power of effective corporate Power BI and DAX training led by our trainers.

    Best of all, Lincolnshire County Council were producing reports in days after the training, not months or years!

    To sum up, Lincolnshire County Council achieved their migration goals and enjoyed the learning process thanks to Systematix’s corporate in-person Power BI and DAX training, which enabled them to not only get to grips with the full capabilities of Power BI and DAX, and enhance their efficiency and expertise in data management, but start producing reports in hours!

    This case study of IT and business skills demonstrates the impact of quality training and how it can help businesses to optimise their operations.

    In-Person PowerBI and Dax Training Case Study Expanded

    The Challenge

    Lincolnshire County Council is a local government authority in England that provides a range of services to the residents and businesses of Lincolnshire, including anything to do with schools, roads, jobs, registrars, recycling, childcare, adult care, libraries, planning and business – needless to say that’s a LOT of data they’ve gathered over the years. We spoke with Stewart Whitworth, who at the time was leading the project to migrate their reporting from BusinessObjects to Power BI, as they had an organisational licence to use Power BI and wanted to save costs and improve their reporting capabilities.

    “We were being directed towards Power BI from our internal data services team.”

    Stewart and his team needed the training in Power BI and DAX because they wanted to learn how to use the Microsoft D5 licence that gave them access to Power BI, and because they wanted to learn the language and syntax of DAX for advanced analytics and measure creation.

    “The data tasks that consumed most of our time before the training were maintaining and changing a high number of reports using Business Objects.”

    Stewart said that before the training, the data tasks that consumed most of their time were:

    • Maintaining and changing a high number of reports using Business Objects
    • Issuing tables of data that weren’t visual or interactive
    • Dealing with the constant changes in the setup and the data provision
    • Providing data out to reporting analysts and managing the Power BI service

    After researching various training providers for Power BI training, his team actually came to the rescue and saved him hours of trawling the internet.

    We’re happy to say that based on the excellent feedback and recommendations from staff who had previously had training on PowerBI from Systematix, he decided to follow the recommendation of their internal data services team and speak to Jacqui and Noel about more training!

    We pride ourselves on great service, so we couldn’t have been happier to be recommended by internal staff!

    “The feedback from that team was excellent. So, I decided to have a look into Systematix further. Their availability, timing and costs all were very favourable, so we went ahead and commissioned set training.”

    The Solution

    Systematix helped Stewart and his team by providing them with in-person Power BI and DAX training that was specifically tailored to their needs, preferences and the needs of Lincolnshire County Council’s data team. Stewart worked closely with Jacqui, our Customer Success manager from Systematix, who helped him with the bookings, the availability, the planning, and the tailoring of the content for their sessions.

    “Working with Jacqui was great in terms of the support. She kept me up to date with the availability of sessions. Everything from planning the training, the organisation, and the financial aspects, including the actual handling of the bookings, etc.”

    Stewart also enjoyed the courses delivered by Noel, the trainer from Systematix, who taught them (among other things in Power BI) Power BI, paginated report builder, and DAX fundamentals.

    “The courses were superb, and I felt confident and ready to build reports after the training.”

    Stewart said that not only were the courses “superb”, but that he and his team could roll out reports in days – not weeks, or months!

    He also said that what made Systematix different from other training providers were:

    • The quality, availability, and cost of the training
    • The support and guidance from Jacqui and Noel at Systematix
    • The pre-training sessions and the content adjustment
    • The in-depth knowledge and expertise of the trainer

    Stewart was so satisfied with the training that he decided to roll out the training to all his Power BI developers, and aslso commissioned additional training on paginated report builder and DAX from Systematix.

    Power BI Training

    “We decided at that point to roll out our whole Power BI training for our Power BI developers completely with Systematix on the basis of those initial training sessions.”

    We’re happy to say Systematix is now the key training provider for his organisation, and we’ve been ‘kept on his books’ for future needs!

    “We went entirely through Systematix, adding the DAX training along the way. We’ve kept them on our books and did a massive order with them – everyone is flying with Power BI now.”

    The Results

    “We saved around 30% of our time on average per week which is at least 1.5 days, as we did not have to spend as much time on data tasks as before.”

    The training had a major impact on Stewart’s workflow and Lincolnshire County Council’s data reporting, as it helped them save costs, improve their reporting, and his team learn new skills. Stewart said that the benefits of the training were:

    • Power BI reports now look WAY better, which gave them quick insights in a way that’s actually easy to understand
    • he ability to manipulate the data and do “what-if” scenarios, users can drill down into the data and forecast “what if” scenarios!
    • Data was easier to read and manipulate
    • The consolidation of the reports was a big benefit – previously Stewart’s team produced 20 reports at a time, but now they produce a single report, in much less time.
    • The change in the data set and the semantic model, which really saves time – no more manual changes per report

    “We were able to deploy, say, a single report that would have taken 20 or even more reports previously, so it was a really good exercise in terms of consolidating the reports we have for end users.”

    Here’s the BEST part. Stewart estimated that each user now saves around 30% of their time on average per week, which works out around 10 hours a week – add that up and that’s at least 40 hours per month per employee! What could you and your organisation do with all that extra time?

    “We saved at least 1.5 days a week after moving to Power BI after the training”

    He said that they were able to implement Power BI quickly and get some quick wins, fully embedding Power BI and replacing the entire Lincolnshire County Council data reporting tools FROM ObjectReporting TO Power BI with all staff fully educated in as little as 3 years. Considering the number of staff, and the number of data for Lincolnshire County Council – that’s pretty impressive!

    We’re happy to see that Stewart and his team are saving so much time! And this is another superb example of how our in-person Power BI and DAX training can transform your team’s data management and reporting processes, faster than you think. If you want to learn more about our corporate Power BI and DAX training, contact us today and let’s get started!

    “What made Systematix different from other training providers were the quality, availability, and cost of the training.”

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