Oracle Case Study

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  • Oracle Live Virtual Classroom Training (LVC)

    The Brief

    Systematix Ltd have been delivering instructor led MS Office training on behalf of Oracle for their UK based employees at their Thames Valley Park, Reading site since 2007. In that time we successfully delivered around 60 courses covering Excel and PowerPoint and trained over 600 staff.

    In 2009 we were asked by the key Oracle personnel in Romania if we could deliver courses of Excel& PowerPoint, as Live Virtual Classroom Training (LVC) classes for staff not based in the UK, with an initial pilot for staff in Romania.

    The training would be delivered using a video-conferencing interface by our Oracle dedicated trainer, Stuart Tayler, who would have to undergo some training.

    Trainer preparation and delivery details

    Our trainer went through the video-conferencing interface training in preparation for the delivery and had several communications with technical staff in Romania and the UK before delivering the course.

    LVC training is delivered by audio together with screen sharing.

    The trainer delivered the course from our Reading training centre to students in Romania for the initial pilot session.

    Both students and trainer had laptops loaded with the course software and training files and were kitted out with a telephone headset and boom microphone. Students were able to clearly hear the trainer whilst watching the action on the trainer’s shared computer. Time was allowed for the Students to practice the techniques on their own computer.

    During the delivery the trainer and students communicated freely with live feedback, the trainer receiving and answering questions throughout the session. Communication is achieved by three techniques: Students can ‘Raise a Hand’ or use other emoticons to catch the trainer’s attention, they can use a chat panel to send text messages to the trainer and finally they can unmute their microphones and interrupt the trainer if required.

    The LVC Session was set up and monitored in Romania.Both students and trainer received information on how to log into the voice conference and the live video-conferencing interface. The pilot was opened by the key Oracle representative in Romania, the Systematix trainer, Stuart Tayler then delivered the training course using audio as if the virtual students were in our training room in Reading and not hundreds of miles away in Romania.

    The Delivery and Results

    The delivery went very smoothly, a total of 15 delegates being trained on Excel advanced.

    The key Oracle University personnel involved in setting this pilot up, both sat in on the course and found the delivery to be excellent as evidenced by the scores below out of a maximum of 100:-

    Measure Score %
    Delivery 98.29
    Customer Satisfaction 92.26
    Customer Repeatability 100
    Customer Total 96.71


    It was felt that the trainer conveyed the information well and interacted with the students with wit and charm.

    Following this successful pilot Oracle University have ordered further LVC courses which have been delivered continuously since 2009.

    The Future

    From Jan 2012 Systematix was asked to take over the complete delivery process. Student bookings were handled internally by Oracle but Systematix sets up the LVC Sessions and delivers the training.

    New training material has been developed for the delivery process to ensure that everything required is contained within the training files in such a manner as to reduce the need to switch between different windows.