Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration Fundamentals

3 days

Course Overview

This course is concise and hands-on, it is aimed at quickly getting students familiar with the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 administration concepts, tools and utilities. This course is effectively an abridged version of the full 5 day Microsoft SQL Server 2008 System Administration course.

Course Objective

  • Perform an Installation of SQL Server 200
  • Configure SQL Server Post Installation
  • Plan and Create Databases
  • Configure and Manage Databases
  • Create a Database Schema
  • Create Tables in a Database
  • Understand and Implement Data Integrity
  • Understand and Implement SQL Server Index
  • Understand and Implement SQL Server 2008 Security
  • Understand Data Transfer Utilities
  • Backup and Restore Databases
  • Create and Implement Database Snapshots
  • Automate Tasks in SQL Server 2008
  • Use the SQL Server 2008 Tools and Utilities to Monitor Performance

Target student

This 3 day course is intended for students who need to learn the essential skills necessary to maintain a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database infrastructure.


An understanding of working in a Microsoft Windows operating system environment. An understanding of relational databases and design principles. Some experience of the SQL language would be beneficial

Course Outline

Install and Configure SQL Server 2008

  • Installation Prerequisites
  • The Installation Process
  • Post Install Configuration Options

Creating, Configuring and Managing Databases

  • Creating a Database
  • Configuring and Managing a Database
  • Database Schemas

Creating and Managing Tables

  • Creating a Table
  • Native SQL Server Data Types
  • Columns and Column Properties

Implementing and Managing Data Integrity

  • Introducing Data Integrity
  • Using Constraints to Implement Data Integrity

Creating and Managing Indexes

  • SQL Server Index Architecture
  • Creating Clustered Indexes
  • Creating Non-Clustered Indexes

SQL Server 2008 Security

  • Overview of SQL Server Security
  • Security at the Server Level
  • Security at the Database Level

Transferring Data

  • Overview of Data Transfer
  • Examining the Data Transfer Utilities
  • Bulk Loading Data
  • Using the Import/Export Wizard
  • Introducing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Backups and Recovery

  • Backup Types and Strategies
  • Backing up a Database
  • Restoring a Database
  • Online Restore Operations
  • Database Snapshots
  • Recovering System Databases

SQL Server Automation

  • Overview of SQL Server Automation
  • The SQL Server Agent Service
  • Creating Maintenance Plans
  • Creating and Managing Jobs
  • Creating and Managing Operators
  • Creating and Managing Alerts

Monitoring SQL Server

  • Overview of Performance Monitoring
  • Viewing the Current Activity
  • Using System Monitor
  • Using SQL Server Profiler