• InDesign CS6 Foundation - 2 days

    Learn all the fundamentals of Indesign CS6: Manage the InDesign CS5 environment, Set up your documents, Importing and Editing Text, Use typography, Work with colour and styles, Import and link graphics, and Adjust print settings, Use Adobe Bridge, Add tables and Finalise documents.

  • InDesign CS6 Part 1 - 1 day

    In this one day course you will: Explore the Adobe InDesign interface, Design documents, Enhance documents by formatting text and using colours and fills, Create and apply styles, Work with page elements, Manage objects and use text frames, Create and format tables, and Finalize documents for printing or as PDFs.

  • InDesign CS6 Part 2 - 1 day

    In this one day course you will: Utilize page elements, Employ styles, Create complex paths, Import and export data to external files, Work with XML files, Manage long documents, Export InDesign files to other formats, and Adjust print settings.

Adobe InDesign

About InDesign

InDesign is a desktop publishing application which enables users to create and edit print media such as; posters, brochures, flyers, books and magazines. It is utilised professionally by graphic designers and production artists due to its wide ranging tools, capabilities and efficiency. InDesign CS6 is contemporary software which supports EPUB and SWF formats, and content which is suitable for use on tablet computers and smart phones. InDesign CS6 is a first choice for page designers all over the world due to its productivity, flexibility and creativity enhancing tools. It has a user-friendly interface whilst at the same time incorporating an extended range of powerful and time-saving tools, making design jobs much easier!

InDesign can be used alongside other Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Photoshop in order for users to get maximum flexibility and productivity.

A few features found in InDesign CS6

  • Buttons and Forms panel which enables users to now add form fields within PDF documents.
  • Ability to copy and paste HTML code directly into InDesign.
  • Alternative layouts and Liquid layouts which facilitate the display of InDesign files in the varying sizes and resolutions of tablets.
  • Flexible column widths in text frames.
  • Content Collector; a time-saving tool to assist with copying content from one InDesign document to another.

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