• Illustrator CS6 Foundation - 2 days

    Learn to: Explore the Adobe Illustrator CS6 workspace, Import and export, Learn drawing techniques, Use colour and painting, Select and arrange objects, Reshape objects, Work with Type, Special Effects and FXG, Prepare for printing and export.

  • Illustrator CS6 Part 1 - 1 day

    In this one day course you: Get acquainted with the Adobe® Illustrator® CS6 application, Create shapes in a document, Create custom paths, Work with text in an Illustrator document, Use objects, Enhance documents, Proof documents to make them accurate, and Save images for web and print.

  • Illustrator CS6 Part 2 - 1 day

    In this one day course you will: Create complex illustrations, Enhance complex illustrations, Create a vector version of a raster grahic, Produce special effects, Work with graphs and variables, Prepare documents for commercial and composite printing, Export graphics for mobile devices and the web.

Adobe Illustrator

About Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, and most often used alongside Adobe Photoshop. Whilst Photoshop is more devoted towards digital image manipulations, Illustrator offers a more advanced application for graphical logo design and typesetting. It provides a range of flexible and powerful tools which enables the user to create or modify vector graphics. The user is then able to save them into the appropriate formats, such as; PDF, EPS, SVG and VML. The precision enabled by Illustrator is what separates it from other graphics applications, for example; the use of mathematical equations to produce points, lines, curves etc. The flexibility and diversity of Illustrator allows the user to create very innovative and detailed drawings and graphics. Some of the design features in Illustrator include; the 3D effect tool, art brush tool, various shapes and strokes, advanced typesetting etc.

Adobe has a reputation for developing user-friendly applications with interfaces which are easy to navigate. However, although Illustrator offers the clean and well organised interface, the application itself is not one of the easiest of Adobe's Creative Suite and will require users to be trained to a certain level in order to fully utilise the features and benefits that the software has to offer.

A few features found in Illustrator CS6

  • Adobe Mercury Performance System, making Illustrator faster, more responsive, and able to handle larger files.
  • New and improved user interface.
  • New features and improvements; patterns, gradient on a stroke, profiles and components, Gaussian Blur and Image Trace.

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