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What Is SQL?

Before using this language, it is important to first understand exactly what is SQL. SQL is a specialised language that is used by programmers and designers to help manage data stored in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). It’s also used when working with Relational Data Stream Management Systems (RDSMS) for stream processing purposes. Many common applications, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Sybase and IBM DB2, use SQL.

SQL consists of a variety of codes that prompt the computer to perform specific tasks, such as select, update, insert, delete, drop and create. This allows database developers and administrators to retrieve and update data within the database as necessary. SQL has three types of language: data definition, data manipulation and data control, with each type serving a unique purpose.

A database query is used to retrieve specific types of data from within the database. SQL language allows developers and administers to filter large amounts of data stored within the database to obtain accurate and customised results. Ultimately, this coding language enables software users to store vast amounts of data within various databases and retrieve necessary information upon request. This helps the user analysis the data better.