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SQL Training Courses - Why pay more when we cover all the basic skills you need on our regularly run public course at our Reading centre.

SQL Training Course

Basic Querying skills for Analysts - 2 day SQL Introduction to Querying

For those that need to write very simple queries and/or that only occasionally write query code we offer our 2 day SQL introduction course, which is run as a public SQL course once a month at our Reading centre. Whether you use Oracle or Microsoft SQL this course will meet your needs.

One of the things most delegates like about our course is that is interactive, we don’t lecture you, you have to work and we teach you how to build your own SELECT Statement logically from scratch, so that you can do it time and again when you are back at the office. Click for SQL course dates and outline.

Learn to: Use SQL and databases, Use SELECT statements. Use aggregate functions , Use the WHERE clause, Search for specific data, Write queries for aggregrate data, and Write multi-table queries. Use advanced queries, Query with subqueries, Add data to a database, Change and delete data from a database, Create, alter, and delete tables, Create, use, and delete views, Create and delete indexes, Use transactions, and Create and drop databases.

Custom Made Solutions to your specific query needs

Both the following courses can be customised and delivered at your premises, we will use our expertise and resources to deliver a unique solution to your problems.

For those who need to proficiently query a database and be able to write more than basic queries but whose requirements are not as intense as a DBA or database developer we offer our 3 day Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Querying Data for Report Developers course. Almost everything learned in the SQL Server 2012 querying course is directly applicable to earlier versions of SQL Server and to 2014 with small differences only.

The most advanced category of skills required is for data-professionals, such as database administrators (DBAs), database developers, and business intelligence developers that need to routinely write query code as a large part of their job. Customers with these requirements should take our SQL Server Programming course either 2014 or 2012. This is a five day course and can be delivered on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and later.

Other SQL Query Courses

Relational Database Design - 1 day

Learn to: Analyze client requirements, Create a preliminary design, Implement the database design, Generate reports, and Customize a database.

MySQL Database Fundamentals - 1 day

In this MySQL specific SQL Training Course you wil learn to: Identify the fundamental concepts of databases and explore the MySQL RDBMS interface elements, Create a preliminary database design, Apply normalization techniques to a database, Use SQL commands to execute simple queries, Use SQL compound statements to query efficiently, Manage databases by creating views, indexes, and transactions, and Administer and maintain a database.

Oracle SQL Part 1 - Introduction to SQL - 3 days

Oracle SQL training courses start with the Introduction course to Oracle SQL and SQL *Plus.

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