Microsoft ADO.NET for Visual Basic Developers

3 days

Course Overview

ADO.NET for VB Developers provides a thorough, detailed and structured walkthrough of ADO.NET concepts. This course is useful for .NET developers or architects developing database applications.


Experience with developing VB.NET applications.

Course Outline

Introducing ADO.NET

  • What Is ADO.NET?
  • Why ADO.NET?
  • Major Components of ADO.NET
  • Extensions to ADO.NET
  • Connecting to External Data

Building Tables of Data

  • Implementing Tables
  • Adding Data Columns
  • Dataset Designer

Storing Data in Memory

  • Adding Data
  • Examining and Changing Data
  • Removing Data
  • Batch Processing
  • Validating Changes

Accessing the Right Data Values

  • Querying and Sorting Data
  • Using Expression Columns

Bringing Related Data Together

  • Collecting Tables into Sets
  • Establishing Relationships Between Tables
  • Defining Table Constraints

Turning Data into Information

  • Aggregating Data
  • Setting Up Indexed Views

Saving and Restoring Data

  • Serializing DataSet and DataTable Objects
  • Guiding XML Generation

Establishing External Connections

  • Using Connection Strings
  • Understanding Data Providers
  • Connecting to SQL Server via a Data Provider

Querying Databases

  • Processing SQL Queries
  • Returning Query Results

Adding Standards to Queries

  • Developing Parameterized Queries
  • Using Parameters in Stored Procedures

Making External Data Available Locally

  • Understanding Data Adapters
  • Moving Data from Source to Memory
  • Moving Data from Memory to Source
  • Table and Column Mapping

Guaranteeing Data Integrity

  • Transactions and Concurrency
  • Using Local Transactions
  • Using Distributed Transactions

Binding Data with ADO.NET

  • Binding Data in Windows Forms
  • Binding Data in WPF
  • Binding Data in ASP.NET

Providing RESTful Services with WCF Data Services

  • Getting to Know the Service Layers
  • Setting Up a Data Service
  • Accessing a Data Service using REST