Microsoft Power BI Online

Length: 1 day

Course Description

This one-day course familiarizes the participant with Power BI Online, which allows you to intuitively discover and automate the import, transformation, and combination of data across a variety of data sources.


The student should be familiar with Excel and the concepts of datasets and basic reporting.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

    Understand and utilize Power BI Online.

    Understand the differences between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Online.

    Understand and explore the Power BI Online interface.

    Understand and perform importing Excel worksheets, CSV, TXT, PBIX.

    Understand connecting to databases.

    Understand other forms of data.

    Understand data refresh.

    Understand and perform creating a new Power BI report.

    Understand and perform adding filters to a report.

    Understand and perform adding KPI’s to a report.

    Understand and perform creating a Power BI dashboard.

    Understand and perform pinning tiles.

    Understand sharing reports and dashboards.

    Understand Power BI Mobile.

 Prerequisites none.

Course Outline

Introduction to Power BI Online

    What is Power BI Online

    Examining the Differences Between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Online

    Exploring the Power BI Online Interface

Importing Data

    Utilizing Excel (.xlsx or .xlsm), Comma Separated Value (.csv)

    Utilizing Power BI Desktop (.pbix) Files

    Connecting to Databases

    Examining Other Forms of Data

    Understanding Data Refresh

Creating Reports

    Creating a New Power BI Report

    Adding Filters to a Power BI Report

    Adding KPI’s to a Report

Configuring Dashboards

    Creating a Power BI Dashboard

    Pinning Tiles

Sharing Reports and Dashboards

    Sharing Reports and Dashboards

    Exploring Power BI Mobile