Microsoft ASP.Net Essentials

3 days

Course Overview

To build effective and eye–catching database–driven web sites, you must first have a solid framework on which to run your web pages as well as a rich environment in order to create and program these web pages. Microsoft’s ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio combine forces to provide you with the ultimate platform on which you can create
dynamic and interactive web applications.
ASP.NET Essentials course enables developers to build dynamic Web applications and sophisticated user interfaces with minimal code. In this course, you gain the skills needed to develop and deploy Web applications with ASP.NET. You learn how to build sophisticated user interfaces by configuring controls and extending them with custom code. You also learn how to integrate data access with data-source controls.


Knowledge of VB.NET or C#.NET is required prior to this course.

Course Outline

Getting Started with ASP.NET

  • Constructing Web Forms with ASP.NET controls
  • Developing with Visual Studio
  • Debugging with Visual Studio
  • Development Web server
  • Applying the common Web Form controls

The User Interface (UI)

  • Designing with Master Pages
  • Ensuring uniform page layout
  • Devising site templates
  • Extending Master pages with custom properties

Data-driven site navigation

  • Implementing ASP.NET Menu, TreeView and SiteMapPath controls
  • Defining your site structure using SiteMaps
  • Dynamically moving between pages in code

Standardising the UI

  • Styling controls with Skins
  • Building Themes from Skins and CSS

Exploiting the design-time environment

  • Connecting to data with ASP.NET
  • DataSource controls
  • Binding data to Web Form controls
  • Automating data access with GridView,
  • ListView and DetailView
  • Sorting and paging with GridView,
  • ListView and DataPager

Modifying data

  • Databind to middle-tier business objects
  • Code-free declarative data binding
  • Updating, deleting and inserting records with two-way data binding
  • Integrating custom update code

Building master-detail pages

  • Parameterising the data source
  • Customising DataViews with templates
  • Coordinating master-detail views

Creating reusable UI components

  • Building user controls
  • Incorporating data retrieval into user controls

Controlling site access

  • Configuring Web Forms authentication and authorisation
  • Administering users and roles
  • Establishing user profiles

Leveraging the Login controls

  • Authenticating users with the Login control
  • LoginView
  • LoginStatus
  • LoginName

Customising security

  • Integrating with Active Directory
  • Configuring the security provider to take control of authentication
  • Accessing user and role information from code

Managing user information

  • Inserting data into the ViewState
  • Employing user variables with Sessions

Validating data

  • Required, Range,
  • Comparison, Summary,
  • RegularExpression
  • Implementing business rules with the Custom Validator
  • Setting cursor focus on error

Simplifying complex processes

  • Sequencing tasks with the Wizard control
  • Partitioning data with MultiView

Handling common tasks

  • Sending e-mail
  • Uploading files
  • Accepting dates through the Calendar control

Deploying Your Application

  • The ASP.NET compilation model
  • Publishing your Web site