Custom Courses

Choose Custom Courses for maximum flexibility

Custom Courses

Why have a customised training course?

  • Get to grips with specific topics in the minimum time.
  • Select topics from several packages or courses to be covered during the sessions.
  • Take away a worked example for a specific task.
  • Receive expert advice on the use of the software to achieve the results you desire.
  • Private groups from the same organisation or 1:1 training.

Increase Value Added

Custom training courses can cost less in real terms than standard courses. You can choose the topics
to be covered during the training in consultation with our account managers and trainers. They
have years of experience of constructing effective focused training which gets results.

Training on your site

We train through out the UK and can arrange training on your site or at another convenient location. If you wish we can provide laptop computers on which to do the training. These are compact and can be used effectively in any general meeting room
with tables.