What is SQL Server?

Do you want to know what is SQL Server? Have you heard of SQL Server? It is Microsoft's relational database management system. It also is referred to as MSSQL, or Microsoft SQL. Microsoft originally partnered with Sybase to create SQL Server in 1989, but this partnership dissolved over the next decade, leaving Microsoft with the rights to the SQL Server name. There are several alternatives to using SQL Service, such as Oracle and IBM DB2. In addition, there are several free SQL Server options, including SQL Server Express Edition, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Mem SQL and MySQL

While SQL Server adheres to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) SQL standards, it also uses its own T-SQL codes. SQL server administrators and designers must learn the T-SQL coding language in addition to the basic SQL language to be able to work with this database management system. Microsoft offers several SQL Server editions, including Standard, Enterprise, Business Intelligence and Workgroups in the main market, as well as several specialised editions, such as Developer, Fast Track and Azure.

Microsoft also offers several add-on features that, while not required to use SQL Server, can help to enhance its capabilities. Some of these features include replication services, reporting services, analysis services, integration services, notification services and full-text search services. When learning the SQL and T-SQL coding languages, it also is recommended that you learn the basics of these special add-on features to enhance the use of the SQL Server platform.

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