What is SQL Injection?

"What is SQL injection?" you may ask. The SQL language is not without its security issues, specifically SQL injection. It is a type of attack where a hacker gains access to a database by entering malicious SQL statements into the program. It can give the hacker complete access to the database and all the information stored within it. One of the most troublesome aspects of SQL injection is that firewalls and other security systems cannot stop all intruders.

The best way to prevent SQL injection is to create a parameter that will be added at execution time. For example:

txtUserCode = getRequestString("UserCode");

txtSQL = "SELECT *FROM Users WHERE UserCode + @@":


According to the chief technology officer at SPI Dynamics, Caleb Sima, "The automation of SQL injection gives rise to the possibility of a SQL injection worm, which is very possible." The facts seem to support this assertion. Security risks from injection are on the rise, due, at least in part, to the SQL automation tools. Some think that security is not given enough emphasis during the development period. This lack of emphasis may be due to insufficient training in SQL injection because we know how to detect and prevent these types of hacks.

It is important that, when looking for a SQL training course, you find one that provides specific training on SQL injection. Not only will this make you a valuable asset to any company, it will also help protect both your company and clients when developing or administrating software applications that utilise the SQL language.

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