How to prevent SQL Injection?

SQL injection is a serious threat to any SQL database. This type of injection occurs when an attacker obtains control of a database by injecting malicious SQL statements into the coding language. Once the attacker has gained control, they have access to steal, delete or alter the data stored in the database. This is a major threat to any organization, as hackers can gain access to crucial company or customer information. It is very important for all database developers and administrators to understand this type of threat and to know how to prevent SQL injection.

The two most common ways to prevent SQL injection is to add data validation and sanitization coding during development. Data validation forces the system to check every SQL statement to ensure it meets a set standard. For example, you may have your database management system check the length of every SQL statement and notify you anytime there is an SQL statement longer than expected. Data sanitization, on the other hand, checks all data functions for malicious coding.

Other preventative options include securing a firewall for your server, minimizing the use of dynamic SQL queries and eliminating any unnecessary coding functions within the system. All computer programmers and administrators should have computer training in the UK to know how to prevent and detect SQL injection.

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