Microsoft Word 2007 New Features

1 day

Course Overview

In the past, you have extensively used Microsoft® Office Word 2003 to author and format content and graphics within documents. Word 2007 with its new features, user-friendly formatting, design, and authoring tools, improves the process of document creation and distribution. In this course, you will be introduced to the new and enhanced features available in Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Course Objective

You will explore the components of the results-oriented interface of the Word environment and customize the interface to suit your requirements. You will then use the tools available in Word 2007 to create documents that look professional and also visually appealing. You will then compare different versions of a document, in addition to finalizing and securing your document before it reaches its target audience.

Target student

This course is designed for experienced Word users who have worked with earlier versions of Microsoft® Office Word, ideally Microsoft® Office Word 2003, and who have upgraded to Microsoft Office Word 2007.


Students enrolling in this course should understand how to use some version of Word, preferably 2003, and have some familiarity with the Internet. This course covers the commonly used new features for a typical user. Due to the nature of this course and the minimal prerequisites, there are other more advanced new features that are not covered in depth.

Course Outline

Exploring the Word Environment

  • Explore the User Interface
  • Work with the Ribbon
  • Work with Contextual Tabs
  • Use the Word Galleries
  • Customize the Word Interface

Creating Professional-Looking Documents

  • Apply Styles
  • Apply Document Themes
  • Add Building Blocks
  • Work with Illustrations
  • Build an Equation
  • Add Citations and a Bibliography

Finalizing Documents

  • Compare Reviewed Documents
  • Inspect Documents
  • Apply Digital Signatures
  • Save a Document


  • New Features in Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Enhanced File and Compatibility Features in Microsoft Office Word 2007