Microsoft SQL Server on Linux what next?

Microsoft SQL Server on Linux

Microsoft SQL Server for Linux – “follows da’ money”

I would imagine there was a sharp intake of breath as Microsoft announced SQL Server for Linux, speedily followed by a checking of calendars – what year is this?.

It would seem to make sense for Microsoft from the strategic perspective as Linux rules the data centre and the move to the Cloud may be hastening the demise of on-premises servers running Windows.

Microsoft says – “Built on SQL Server 2016, SQL Server on Linux gives you the power to build and deploy intelligent applications on a single data management and business analytics platform. Take advantage of SQL Server’s low total cost of ownership, your existing tools and skills and new innovations battle-tested in the cloud.”

A short time ago, this statement would have been unthinkable. Over the past few years, though, and notably under its new CEO Satya Nadella, the company has started to open up more of its services and put a greater emphasis on open source products.

This announcement also matches Microsoft’s overall emphasis on hybrid deployments. Microsoft already has Linux in its cloud and recently announced a major tie-up with Red Hat. If Microsoft wants SQL Server to remain relevant, it has to put it to more platforms — including those that it previously regarded as competitors. On Linux there are many products like Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL which are also competing for a very similar slice of the market.

So if SQL Server runs well on Linux, there may other server based applications to follow, maybe Exchange or SharePoint.

Could this is the start of some new trend?

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Microsoft SQL Server on Linux