Microsoft SharePoint Content is King

It is often said that on the web "Content is king" and Microsoft SharePoint gives you many great ways to handle lots of different types of content. From intranets to extranets, from document management to personal clouds and from business intelligence to workflow management - Microsoft SharePoint can do them all.

With all of this capability comes a degree of complexity and a learning curve that needs to be overcome for SharePoint Users, Site Owners, Designers and Administrators.

Content sharing and collaboration

SharePoint is not easy, it is a complicated piece of technology that completely changes all we know about content sharing and collaboration. SharePoint is not a "tablet" where it all makes sense. For every techie who embraces new technology there are 10 users who won’t. So users need to have their hands held and to be helped to be comfortable with the new technology.

Successful implementation

To ensure a successful implementation, training needs to be delivered early in the process. Unfortunately very few people get formal training in SharePoint when it's rolled out in their organisation. The most common reason an organisation may not include training in their SharePoint rollout is budget. Another reason is that they don’t think it is necessary and expect that staff will be able to learn SharePoint without any training.

Power to the people

SharePoint gives power to the users. However, users need clear instructions. Where they were used to copy and paste, in SharePoint they can download a document, upload it, check it out/check it back in, revert to the previous version control, promote document for approval, share the document externally and there is real potential for users to accidentally delete information though lack of knowledge.

More than one way to skin a cat

There are many ways to do the same thing in SharePoint. If for example you want to share a document externally, there are at least 5 ways to do it in SharePoint. The users need to understand how to navigate around the site and what all of these buttons on a ribbon do. They also need to be aware of the consequences of their actions in SharePoint. We can add Sue from Sales to our SharePoint site, but she will also now have access to all of our 5 sub-sites. This can impact on the company’s security and integrity, so education via training is crucial.

Microsoft SharePoint = Continuous improvement

SharePoint can do a great job enforcing a new or existing business process. That means process change for the users. For example, if we want to enable document approval feature within SharePoint. This will mean your users will now need to learn a new process, which is change and no one likes change. Training is a great time to reinforce why change is important and how SharePoint will help solve your users’ problems.

Our Microsoft SharePoint training courses address these issues and will help lessen the frustration of users and ensure a smooth transition for all everyone keeping any disruption to your business to a minimum.