microsoft sharepoint business intelligence

Microsoft SharePoint Business Intelligence Platform

Microsoft SharePoint Business Intelligence is offered in many ways some of which are described below.

From the release of SharePoint 2013, Microsoft’s main channel for distribution of SharePoint has been via Office 365, where Microsoft SharePoint is continuously being upgraded. New standalone versions are released every few years, and are based on a supported snapshot of the cloud software. Business Intelligence tools can take adavantage of the availabilty benefits that SharePoint offers

Sharing Excel Workbooks

At many stages we encounter the necessity to share Excel spreadsheets with colleagues. SharePoint can simplify and enhance some of these mechanisms.
Have a look at Share workbooks by using Excel Services.

Business intelligence capabilities in Excel and Excel Services

In the modern business world we are always looking at ways to analyse our data and the combination of Excel and SharePoint can bring a whole new dimension to this area.
Why not study the article at Business intelligence capabilities in Excel and Excel Services and discovery a whole new world of detail.

SharePoint as a Content Management System

Document Sets

How many times have you started a new project and had to create all the skeleton documents for budget, presentation, purpose and justification. All separate documents which you have to remember and put in the correct folders.
SharePoint can help you here with Document Sets, which allow you to manage multiple documents as though they were one and all held in a customisable location.


We all know that we should be organised in our company and ensure that all employees use the correct spelling for product names, office locations etc.
This is in effect metadata which can be attached to a document. SharePoint can help us here using the Managed MetaData Service and Taxonomies.

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