1 day(s)

Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce you to the basic features and functions of Microsoft Project Professional so that you can use it effectively and efficiently in the real-world. This course covers the essential knowledge and skills a project manager needs to create a project plan with MS Project during the planning phase of a project. In other words, if your director assigns you to lead a project, this course will enable you to draft a project plan with MS Project and share it with your director and others for review and approval.

Course requirements

Learners must be confident using a mouse and keyboard.

What will you learn

In particular you will be able to:
  • Create a new project plan
  • Manage time in a project plan
  • Manage tasks in a project plan
  • Manage resources in a project plan
  • Share a project plan

Course Outline

Starting a Project

  • Project Management 101
  • Navigate and Customize the Project Interface
  • Add Tasks to a Project
  • Add Resources to a Project
  • Save a Project

Working with Project Calendars

  • Manage Project Time Frames
  • Change Working Time

Working with Project resources

  • Manage Project Tasks
  • Add Summary Tasks and Milestones

Working with Project Resources

  • Manage Project Resources
  • Allocate and Level Work Resources

Delivering a Project Plan

  • Print Project Views
  • Share Projects
  • Export Projects