Microsoft Outlook 2007 New Features

1 day

Course Overview

After having worked with Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2003, you must also get to know the features present in the latest release of the application. Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007 comes with new features for improving the management, organization, and distribution of your Outlook items. In this course, you will work with the new and enhanced features in Outlook 2007.

Course Objective

You will work with the new features of Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007.

Target student

The course is designed for experienced Outlook users who need to learn about the new features 2007 has to offer versus the 2003 version.


Prior knowledge of Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2003.

Course Outline

Exploring the Outlook Environment

  • Explore the User Interface
  • Work with the Ribbon
  • Work with Contextual Tools
  • Customize the Calendar Views

Managing Your Daily Tasks in Outlook 2007

  • Work with Mail Messages
  • Manage Tasks in the Calendar
  • Locate Information Quickly
  • Schedule a Meeting

Sharing Information with Other Users

  • Share Your Calendar Information
  • Notify Others That You Will be Out Of Office
  • Share Information Using Electronic Business Card

Protecting Your Information

  • Manage Junk Email
  • Authorize Users to Access Your Information
  • Recover Your Work

Integrating Outlook with Other Applications

  • Integrate Outlook with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
  • Integrate Outlook with Windows SharePoint Services
  • Add RSS Feeds Through Outlook 2007
  • Publish the File in PDF or XPS File Format