Microsoft Word Advanced

Hands-On Course 574 – 1 Day

Course Requirements

Learners must be confident using a mouse and keyboard and have knowledge and skills of Word at an intermediate level.

What You Will Learn

In particular you will be able to:

  • Collaborate on documents
  • Add reference marks and notes
  • Simplify and manage long documents
  • Secure a document
  • Create forms
About This Course: This course is intended for learners who create and work with lengthy documents, collaborate with others on documents, and create forms in Microsoft Word. It covers how to collaborate on more complicated documents and to control how the documents are accessed and distributed. Advanced features of Word enable you to revise, manage, and secure your business documents.

Course Description

Collaborating on Documents
Adding Reference Marks and Notes
Simplifying and Managing Long Documents
Securing a Document


Managing Document Versions