Microsoft Project Training Courses

Microsoft Project Training Courses

Microsoft Project Training Courses

We offer a range of Microsoft Project training courses including all the latest stand-alone versions (Project Standard and Project Professional) of Microsoft Project including 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Detailed Course Descriptions for MS Project 2016 2013 2010


Microsoft Project is a very useful tool for planning, collaboration and communications between project managers and team members. Administrators and decision makers can also get hold of Microsoft Project Online, the new cloud offering that presents an alternative to any self-installed infrastructure. Furthermore, it can make cross-company collaboration easier.

Microsoft Project Online constitutes a new way in the market. Company-wide project management can now be a worthwhile option perhaps even for small and mid-sized project organizations, as a major barrier to entry has been removed. Microsoft Project Online provides for the implementation of a full-grown project management system without the purchase and installation of hardware, software and the infrastructure to support it. Larger organizations will also benefit from it: Separate systems for business units, teams or individual major projects can be rolled out virtually at the touch of a button.

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