Microsoft InfoPath Training Courses

Microsoft InfoPath Training Courses

Microsoft InfoPath is a software application and part of the Microsoft Office family for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. Microsoft originally released InfoPath as part of Microsoft Office 2003 suite. The software features a WYSIWYG form designer which allows various controls (e.g. textbox, radio Button, checkbox) to be bound to data, and this is represented separately as a hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields. We offer a range of Microsoft InfoPath Training Courses.

Microsoft Infopath Courses

Microsoft InfoPath Introduction – 2 days

On our 2 day InfoPath course, you will learn: Creating InfoPath forms, Importing and Exporting form data, Customising form layout, Managing views, Applying security to forms, Distributing forms, Managing controls and Working with a database.

Microsoft Office InfoPath Details

Microsoft Office InfoPath is an application used to develop XML-based data entry forms, it was first released as part of the Microsoft Office 2003 suite of programs in late 2003 and then released as part of Microsoft Office 2007. Initially called XDocs pre-release, the main benefit of InfoPath is its ability to author and view XML documents with support for custom-defined XML schema. InfoPath connects to external systems using XML Web services through MSXML and the SOAP Toolkit, and back-end and middle-tier systems can be configured to communicate by using Web services standards such as SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL. Furthermore, as InfoPath documents are raw XML, it is possible to directly manipulate the data in other XML processors.

The user can complete an InfoPath form while off-line. InfoPath can check fields on the form for validity, and the user can attach a digital signature. The user later connects to the server and submits the form (in XML format), which may be routed for approval. After the user connects to the server, the form template may be automatically updated.

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