Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Hands-On Course 523 – 1 Day

Course Requirements

Learners should have used Excel before and be familiar with creating basic formulas, using Autofill along rows or columns and working with Absolute Cell References (e.g. $C$5) to refer to fixed figures – such as VAT rates or performance targets.

What You Will Learn

In particular you will be able to:

  • Create advanced formulas
  • Analyze data by using functions and conditional formatting
  • Organize and analyze datasets and tables
  • Visualize data by using basic charts
  • Analyze data by using PivotTables, slicers, and PivotCharts
About This Course: This course is designed for learners who already have foundational knowledge and skills in Microsoft Excel and who wish to take advantage of some of the higher-level functionality in Excel to analyze and present data. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to leverage the power of data analysis and presentation to make better informed, intelligent organizational decisions.

Course Description

Creating Advanced Formulas
Analyzing Data with Logical and Lookup Functions
Organizing Worksheet Data with Tables
Visualizing Data with Charts
Analyzing Data with PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts


Inserting Graphics
Enhancing Workbooks