Excel Watermarks

A watermark is a faint image that appears on each printed page, the image must be in the background of the page contents so that all contents of the document still remain legible. Watermarks are often used as a security measure to prevent plagerism, or as a means of identifying the status of a document. Common uses of watermarks would be a company logo or the words SAMPLE, DRAFT or CONFIDENTIAL.

Excel does not provide a dedicated means of printing a watermark, however it is possible to add one by inserting an image to the page header or footer.

Microsoft Excel Watermark

How to add a Watermark

  1. Click View - Workbook Views - Page Layout View
  2. Click the center section of the header
  3. Select Header & Footer Tools - Header & Footer Elements - Picture
  4. Now in the Insert Picture dialog box locate the image you wish to use for the watermark
  5. Click outside the header to view your image
  6. To move the image to the center of the page you can click the center section of the header and then press Enter a few times depending on how far down the page you want it placed
  7. If your image is too dark then you can make it ligher by clicking the center section of the heasder and then choosing Header & Footer Tools - Header & Footer Elements - Format Picture - here you can adjust the image.

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