Microsoft Excel 2003 Level 2 Intermediate

1 day

Course Overview

Now that you can create, edit, format, and print basic spreadsheets, you may find it is helpful to streamline repetitive tasks and produce a more visually effective spreadsheet display. This course will show you how to use Microsoft Excel 2003 to streamline and to enhance your spreadsheets with templates, charts, graphics, and formulas.

Course Objective

Apply visual elements and advanced formulas to a worksheet in order to display data in a variety of formats.

Target Student

This course is designed for the student who desires to create templates, sort and filter data, import and export data, analyze data, and work with Excel on the Web. Additionally, this course helps prepare students to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam in Excel or Module 2 and who already have knowledge of the basics of Excel, including how to create, edit, format, and print basic worksheets.


Experience creating, editing, formatting, saving, and printing basic spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2003 is necessary. The Systematix course Microsoft Excel 2003 Level 1 or equivalent experience is recommended.

Course Outline

Creating and Applying Templates

  • Create a Workbook from a Template
  • Create a Custom Template
  • Working with Comments
  • Create a Hyperlink
  • Use Web-based Research Tools

Creating and Modifying Charts

  • Create a Chart
  • Format Chart Items
  • Change the Chart Type
  • Create a Diagram

Working with Graphic Objects

  • Insert Graphics
  • Create AutoShapes
  • Format Graphic Objects
  • Change the Order of Graphic Objects
  • Group Graphic Objects
  • Move, Copy, and Resize Graphic Objects

Calculating with Advanced Formulas

  • Create and Apply a Name for a Range of Cells
  • Calculate Across Worksheets
  • Calculate with Date and Time Functions
  • Calculate with Financial Functions
  • Calculate with Statistical Functions
  • Calculate with Lookup and Reference Functions
  • Calculate with Logical Functions

Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Sort Data Lists
  • Filter Data Lists
  • Create and Apply Advanced Filters
  • Calculate with Database Functions
  • Add Subtotals to a Worksheet

Using Excel with the Web

  • Export Excel Data
  • Publish a Worksheet to the Web
  • Import Data from the Web
  • Create a Web Query