1 day

Course Description

You will use HTML5 to create and design web pages.

Target Student

This course is targeted at students who want to learn web design for their personal use or for business purposes.


To take this course, students should be familiar with Windows or Mac operating systems, word processing skills, and the Internet.

Course Outline

Creating a Basic Web Page

  • Describe the Basic Concepts of the Web
  • Create a Basic Web Page
  • Format a Web Page
  • Create Lists

Structuring Content

  • Create Headers and Footers
  • Categorize Text

Applying Styles Using CSS

  • Enhance Text
  • Format Lists
  • Modify the Page Background
  • Apply Background Properties to Images

Working with Tables

  • Create a Table
  • Modify a Table Structure
  • Format a Table Using CSS

Navigating a Website

  • Create Links
  • Create Image and Email Links
  • Format Links Using CSS