Remote Training

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Remote Training

Using Remote Training tools we provide interactive remote hands-on training which is cost effective and fun.

Remote Training courses are for delegates who:

  • Need to reduce travel costs and attend from any location
  • Choose to attend live courses and interact with instructors
  • Want access to expert-supported, hands-on training examples
  • Want uniform instruction across a distributed organisation
  • Prefer collaborative training received in a virtual classroom

The Remote Training Experience

Using the same method as having an instructor in the room with you, this consists of lectures, software applications demonstrations with shared audio and video. Our experienced trainers provide instruction through our collaborative platform.

All delegates using headphones with microphones, may take part in discussions with the instructor or with other delegates by voice or through text-chat. VoIP technology allows for clear, uninterrupted voice communication. Delegates apply what they learn in lectures and demos by hands-on practice using their own PC in the remote training environment. During their practice, the instructor can provide one-to-one support, using remote sharing technology to view and manage the delegate’s computer.

The Remote Training Environment

With only the smallest technical requirements, the Remote Training platform, hosted using leading internet technology experts is designed to make the training experience as simple to implement as possible. This allows students to attend class from their own home or company office. Delegates may benefit from a focused learning environment free from distractions.