Laptop Computers

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Laptop Computers

We have laptop computers which can used in your training sessions.

NEW: We currently have some very special offers available for any training which includes block booking of our laptop computers for two or more consecutive training days – phone 0118 3243000 for details, or contact us

Laptop specification:

  • * Asus and Lenovo Laptops
  • 14″ or 15″ high resolution screen
  • Intel Dual Core/i7 processors
  • 8Gb memory
  • 250-500Gb hard disk
  • Trackpad and mouse
  • WiFi and Fast/Gigabit Ethernet

Training – where you want it – when you want it!

Private Courses with laptop computers – If you book Systematix laptops to carry out your training, we will:

  • Deliver and set up the computers, pre-installed with the appropriate software and practice data files, in a suitable room
  • Run your course, with all the usual benefits of Systematix training such as comprehensive course manuals and unlimited post-course support for delegates
  • At the end of training, uninstall and remove the equipment

Why use our laptops?

  • Holding a training course on your own site is often an attractive option – it saves on staff travel time and expenses, means that key employees are available throughout the day if necessary, and enables the trainer to see your setup first-hand and adapt the training style and content to your company’s needs.
  • If you don’t have a dedicated training room with networked computers installed, you may think you can’t run an IT training course at your offices. Think again!
  • Systematix will bring the training to you. We will install our powerful Asus or Lenovo laptop computers enabling you to experience the benefits of on-site training whenever you need it, without major investment in computer equipment.
  • In addition, because of their compact size and small desk footprint, you will often be able to host training in a smaller room than you would think, saving on space requirements.

It makes sense to use Systematix for your on-site training. Call now for more information on 01183243000.