JQuery Introduction

Duration: 2 days


jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.

This jQuery for Developers training course teaches JavaScript developers how to make the most of the jQuery JavaScript library, in a hands-on, instructor-led environment. Through a series of lectures, demonstrations, and exercises, students attending this course will learn how to perform AJAX requests using jQuery, leverage the browser event model, manipulate the document object model, add effects and animations to their web pages, and leverage jQuery plugins.


Students attending this course should have experience programming using the JavaScript language.


1 – Debugging JavaScript

Debugging JavaScript

Common Mistakes

Debugging JavaScript

IE Default Error Dialog

IE Debugging

Script Debugger

Debugging JavaScript

Debugging JavaScript

2 – Introduction to jQuery

jQuery philosophies

Fundamentals of jQuery

Reasons to use (and not use) jQuery

Downloading & Installing jQuery

Understanding the jQuery wrapper & its uses

DOM & CSS manipulation with jQuery

3 – Manipulating CSS with jQuery

CSS selectors and jQuery

Selecting elements with jQuery

Selecting elements by container

Selecting elements by child

Using attribute-based selections

Working with sets of selected elements

Determining set size

Iterating over selected elements

Obtaining subsets of wrapped elements

Leveraging DOM relationships

4 – Manipulating HTML & the DOM using jQuery

Adding/Removing DOM elements

Replacing page content

Relocating DOM/HTML content

Removing and copying DOM elements

5 – Working with form data

Retrieving & manipulating form elements

Retrieving form data

Leveraging the form plugin

6 – Understanding the jQuery event model

Adding (and removing) event handlers to DOM elements

Triggering event handlers with jQuery

Understanding & controlling event propagation

7 – Using jQuery animation methods

Using show(), hide(), and toggle()

Managing collapsible lists

Using fade and slide transition effects

Using the animate() wrapper for custom animations

8 – AJAX applications with jQuery

Replacing XMLHttpRequest with jQuery methods

Using the jQuery load() function

Making GET and POST requests with jQuery

Using .ajax() for fine-grained control over AJAX queries

Understanding AJAX global functions

9 – Using other jQuery plugins (Live Query, Form, UI, and others).