HTML 4 Web Authoring Level 1 for E-mail

1 day

Course Overview

Students will create, modify, test and publish Web pages and e-mails.


Students should understand how to use Windows as well as an Internet browser.


Students will learn to create web pages and e-mails with HTML code.

Target student

Anyone wanting to use HTML to create effective websites and send e-mail newsletters.

Course Outline

Creating a Web Page

  • Create a Global Structure
  • Add a Page Title
  • Modify the Page Background
  • Create Paragraphs
  • Embed Images

Structuring Content

  • Create Headings
  • Create Lists
  • Notate Code
  • Insert Horizontal Rules
  • Control Line Breaks
  • Group Elements

Linking Web Pages

  • Create Local Links
  • Create Remote Links
  • Create Image Links

Formatting Text

  • Apply Bold and Italics
  • Modify Font Styles
  • Create an Embedded Style Sheet
  • Insert HTML Entities

Creating Tables

  • Create the Table Body
  • Create Table Headers
  • Modify the Table Structure
  • Align Table Content
  • Modify Table Background Colors

Overview of Inline Styles

  • CSS overview
  • Inline style examples
  • Breakdown of inline styles code
  • The last section of the course will be presented by the trainer in the form of a summary overview. No hands-on work will be undertaken by the delegates. However, attendees will be given a good grounding in this aspect of CSS coding to the extent where they will be able to demonstrate a good foundation knowledge of applications of inline styles within e-mail commmunications.