Java Programming - 4 days

This course describes the fundamental concepts of the Java Programming language, and takes you from the very basic concepts through to production-standard coding. The course is tailored according to your needs. We assume no previous knowledge of Object Orientation and introduce the OO concepts as part of the course. However, if the group is already familar with OO then we move more quickly through the basic concepts and add some advanced material on the last day. As standard, we use the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), but we are happy to work with any IDE that you may have already selected for your project.

JavaEE/J2EE - Java Enterprise Programming - 5 days

This course explores the Enterprise Edition of Java, and takes delegates through the process of building a full web-based application using JavaEE. Starting with the database and how to use JDBC, the course then progresses through the construction of the business tier, and explains how JavaEE helps you to write scalable and performant applications. The second half of the course describes the web tier and shows how servlets and JSP's are combined to form a solid architecture.

Advanced Java - 3 days

This course is a collection of modules designed to stretch your knowledge beyond the fundamentals of the language. The course is highly tailorable and most of our customers like to add and remove modules to their taste (the 3 days duration is just a guide based on 6 of the available modules). As with all of our courses, the course is very practical and all concepts are applied to a real world project.

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