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While using the Internet, you might have encountered many websites that are aesthetically appealing and also provide you with world class service. As a web designer, you would like to create and design a website that attracts many users. In the Web Design with XHTML, HTML, and CSS: Level 3 course, you will apply the best practices of web design and create a website that enhances the usability and interactivity of the web page/site. You will create forms and apply advanced CSS styles. You will then perform search engine optimisation, make it accessible to all users, and then publish websites.

Target Student

This course is intended for people who have the necessary skills to create most web pages and websites, but now want to enhance the usability, interactivity, and professionalism of their web pages/sites. It is aimed at individuals interested in optimising the websites to achieve better search engine results; making sites accessible to all individuals; and creating websites that can be viewed using any compatible electronic devices.

What Will I Learn

How to create forms. Create advanced styles and page layouts. Optimise a website for accessibility. Optimise a website for search engines. Publish a website.


  • Create a Form with Basic Form Elements
  • Add Advanced Form Elements
  • Enhance a Form's Appearance Using CSS
  • Form Submission
  • Create Complex Page Layouts
  • Create a Box Layout with Rounded Corners Using CSS
  • Create Advanced Styles Using CSS
  • Create a Breadcrumb
  • Construct a Website with Accessibility Features
  • Optimize a Website for Display on a Mobile Device
  • Make a Website Search Engine Friendly
  • Create a Site Map
  • Make a Website Printer Friendly Using CSS
  • MIME Type Identification
  • Test a Site on a Local Server
Dates and Prices

There are currently no public dates for this course. This course can be run as a private course either at one of our training centers or at your offices. To get pricing for this use our quote wizard to generate a customised quote or call us on 0118 324 3000 to discuss your requirements.

1 Day


  • Noel was an excellent tutor. He did check all of the group was able to keep up and if there were any problems or questions of the attendants, he was always willing to help.

    Marianne Seager-Wincanton
  • This was a really good training, nicely paced, very useful and well presented. Thank you, Stuart!

    Joris Latinne-Oracle