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Which HTML course is right for you?


Standard HTML Courses

Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 Level 1

You will use HTML5 to create and design web pages.

Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 Level 2

You will create advanced web pages and test their validity.

Web Design with XHTML HTML and CSS Level 1

In this course, you will examine the basics of foundational web technology and create your own functional web pages using markup languages such as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Web Design with XHTML HTML and CSS Level 2

You will learn how to create web page layouts. Manage CSS. Test a website. Create advanced navigation. Incorporate meta-content and multimedia.

Web Design with XHTML HTML and CSS Level 3

In the Web Design with XHTML, HTML, and CSS: Level 3 course, you will apply the best practices of web design and create a website that enhances the usability and interactivity of the web page/site. You will create forms and apply advanced CSS styles. You will then perform search engine optimisation, make it accessible to all users, and then publish websites.

Creating HTML Emails with Dreamweaver and Photoshop

Previously text-based email was the most common way to communicate, but now with the HTML email you can now create and send a message that is much more visually attractive. When the message is designed and built correctly it will motivate the reader to enjoy and respond to the content. HTML emails are often sent as a valuable part of email marketing campaigns.

HTML 4 Web Authoring Level 1 for Email

Students will create, modify, test and publish Web pages and e-mails.

Cascading Style Sheets

In this course, you will work with properties and styles related to colours, typography, page layouts, customised cursors, links, and forms available in CSS to build an effective web page.

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