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Developing Windows Applications with VB.NET course is intended for the intermediate programmer who is responsible for designing and building Windows-based applications with the .NET Framework. It is designed for developers who already have some VB.NET development skills.


Experience with a .NET language such as Visual VB .NET or Microsoft Visual C# .NET or Experience developing basic applications with MFC and/or Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0


  • Creating a Form
  • Adding Controls to a Form
  • Creating an Inherited Form
  • Organizing Controls on a Form
  • Creating MDI Applications
  • Creating an Event Handler for a Control
  • Using Windows Forms Controls
  • Using Dialog Boxes in a Windows Forms Application
  • Adding Controls at Run Time
  • Creating Menus
  • Validating User Input
  • Extending and Creating Controls
  • Adding Design-Time Support for Controls
  • Licensing a Control
  • Adding ADO.NET Objects to and Configuring ADO.NET Objects in a Windows Forms Application
  • Accessing and Modifying Data by Using DataSets
  • Binding Data to Controls
  • Overview of XML Web Services
  • Creating a Simple XML Web Services Client
  • Persisting Data
  • Using .NET and COM Components in a Windows Forms Application
  • Calling Win32 APIs from Windows Forms Applications
  • Printing From a Windows Forms Application
  • Using the Print Preview, Page Setup, and Print Dialogs
  • Constructing Print Document Content by Using GDI+
  • Creating Reports by Using Crystal Reports
  • The .NET Asynchronous Programming Model
  • The Asynchronous Programming Model Design Pattern
  • How to Make Asynchronous Calls to Any Method
  • Helping Protect State and Data in a Multithreaded Environment
  • Adding Accessibility Features
  • Adding Help to an Application
  • Localizing an Application
  • .NET Assemblies
  • Deploying Windows Forms Applications
  • Security in the .NET Framework
  • Using Code Access Security
  • Using Role-Based Security
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There are currently no public dates for this course. This course can be run as a private course either at one of our training centers or at your offices. To get pricing for this use our quote wizard to generate a customised quote or call us on 0118 324 3000 to discuss your requirements.

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4 Days


  • Noel was an excellent tutor. He did check all of the group was able to keep up and if there were any problems or questions of the attendants, he was always willing to help.

    Marianne Seager-Wincanton
  • This was a really good training, nicely paced, very useful and well presented. Thank you, Stuart!

    Joris Latinne-Oracle