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Visual Basic Training Courses

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Standard Visual Basic Courses

Microsoft ADO.NET for Visual Basic Developers

ADO.NET for VB Developers provides a thorough, detailed and structured walkthrough of ADO.NET concepts. This course is useful for .NET developers or architects developing database applications.

Microsoft Developing ASP.NET Applications with Visual Basic

Developing ASP.NET Applications with Visual Basic is for anyone who wants to learn how to build rich and interactive web sites that run on the Microsoft platform. With the knowledge you gain from this course, you will create a great foundation to build any type of web site, ranging from simple brochure web sites to sites you may be creating for more commercial purposes.

Microsoft Developing MVC Applications with VB.NET

Developing ASP.NET Applications with Visual Basic is for anyone who wants to ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft’s Model-View-Controller technologies. MVC 2 enables developers to build dynamic, data-driven Web sites. Developing MVC Applications with VB shows you how to use MVC 2. You will learn both the theory behind MVC 2, as well as how to create a real-world application. Topics include transitioning from ASP.NET development, as well as an overview of related tools and technologies, including LINQ, jQuery, and REST.

Microsoft Developing Windows Applications with Visual Basic

Developing Windows Applications with VB.NET course is intended for the intermediate programmer who is responsible for designing and building Windows-based applications with the .NET Framework. It is designed for developers who already have some VB.NET development skills.

Microsoft Learning to Program with Visual Basic

If you are new to programming, this is the place! VB .NET from the very ground up will be explained. Maybe those of you who are more code-wise ought to see our VB for Existing Developers.

Microsoft LINQ for Visual Basic Developers

Microsoft LINQ is the part of the .NET Framework that provides a generic approach to querying data from different data sources. It has quickly become the next must-have skill for .NET developers. LINQ for VB Developers has the detail you need to grasp Microsoft's new querying technology, and concise explanations to help you learn it quickly.

Microsoft OO Programming for the Novice with Visual Basic

Object-Oriented Programming for the Novice with VB will take you through the fundamentals of OO Development. Discover why objects are so successful as the model for this type of programming and how objects are classified. Distinguish between how people see the world and how computers “see” it. Learn about attributes and methods, inheritance, polymorphism, real-world and case modelling, object-oriented programming with VB, and much more.

Microsoft Using XML for Visual Basic Developers

The Internet has brought a huge difference in the way we develop and use software applications. Applications are becoming more and more distributed, connecting heterogeneous systems. With such a radical change, the role of XML is highly significant. XML has already established itself as a standard way of data encoding and transfer. No wonder that Microsoft’s .NET Framework provides such a strong support for XML. Data access, raw parsing, configuration, code documentation, and web services are some of the examples where .NET harnesses the power and flexibility of XML. The .NET Framework comes with a plethora of classes that allow you to work with XML data. Using XML for Visual Basic Developers demystifies XML and allied technologies. Reading and writing XML data, using DOM, ADO.NET integration with XML, SQL Server XML features, applying XSLT stylesheets, SOAP, web services, and configuration systems are some of the topics that this course explores in detail. Real-world examples will help you understand the practical use of the topic under consideration.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Existing Developers

You can program in another language but you are a beginner to VB.NET programming. With VB.NET for Existing Developers, you have made a great choice! Whether you have come from FORTRAN or Visual Basic 6, you will find that this course quickly gets you up to speed on what you need to know to get the most from Visual Basic.NET.

Microsoft Visual Basic Object Oriented Development

Embark upon object-oriented programming in the .NET era with VB.NET Object Oriented Development. We will take you from the basics through advanced OOP concepts with the help of clear instructions, candid reference notes and design tips, and engaging programming examples. Learn how to take full advantage of the objects provided by Visual Basic .NET or how to create and implement your own objects. In less time than you thought possible, you will absorb object-oriented design concepts and terminology and understand how to construct elegant object-oriented programs with VB.NET.

Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation for Visual Basic Developers

Windows Presentation Foundation for VB Developers shows you how WPF really works. It provides you with the no-nonsense, practical advice that you need in order to build highquality WPF applications quickly and easily.

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