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Python Programming Introduction/Intermediate

4 Day Course
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Course Information

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Python
  • Python language characteristics
  • The Python execution model
2. Leveraging Python Built-in Types
3. Manipulating string and numeric literals
  • Declaring and initialising variables
  • Performing arithmetic calculations
  • Making decisions and performing iterations
  • Formatting and slicing strings
4. Aggregating related data
  • Accessing positional information in lists
  • Representing ordered data with tuples
  • Consistently handling data collections with iterators
5. Organising and Structuring Code
6. Defining and calling functions
  • Positional, keyword and default arguments
  • Implementing variable-length argument lists
  • Iterating with generator functions
7. Grouping code into modules
  • Importing and packages
  • Referencing functions from modules by qualification
  • Accessing the Standard Library
8. Implementing Classes and Objects
9. Declaring and modifying objects
  • Encapsulating attributes and methods in classes
  • Initialising objects with constructors
  • Accessing and modifying attributes with methods
  • Overloading operators
10. Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Reusing functionality through inheritance
  • Extending methods from base classes
  • Overriding methods for dynamic behaviour
  • Tracing the scope in the namespace
  • Enhancing functionality with class decorators
11. Manipulating the File System
12. Managing files
  • Reading and writing text and binary files
  • Importing the OS module for directory management
13. Increasing program robustness through handling exceptions
  • Maintaining program control with error handlers
  • Detecting errors and raising exceptions
14. Interfacing with Relational Databases
15. Establishing communication
  • Creating a SQL database connection
  • Instantiating cursors to access a database
16. Executing SQL statements within a Python program
  • Retrieving desired data sets
  • Updating the database with action statements
17. Constructing a GUI with Tkinter
18. Building the user interface
  • Defining GUI classes with Frames
  • Placing widgets and geometry managers
19. Listening for interface events
  • Providing menu items
  • Responding to mouse clicks
  • Binding event handlers
20. Developing Web Applications
21. Analysing the request processing pipeline
  • Positioning the role of Python
  • Mapping requests to Python scripts
22. Developing MVC with Python
  • Integrating the model with a database
  • Processing requests with Python controllers
23. Benefiting from the Django framework
  • Improving productivity with code reduction
  • Simplifying application development
  • Accessing the database and producing HTML with Django templates

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What Our Clients Think

Very good, trainer was excellent.

Mike Hartley-Bingle - XPS Pensions Group

Very good course. I've been using the software constantly in the last three months and still learnt a lot.

George Martin - NHS North of England

A great course. The trainers experience and knowledge is a great asset.

Nancy Shering - Equinix Group Ltd

Really enjoyed this course. It delivered exactly what I wanted out it.

Malkit Singh - Regatta Ltd

Very good at tailoring the course to my needs. Very individual and attentive.

Andrew Griffin - Blackfin

Trainer was very engaging, spent time explaining topics clearly.

Laura Choake - Desoutter Industrial Tools

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