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Sharepoint Admin Design

  • Duration: 1 Day

Course Information


This intensive 3 day course is equally of value to IT Managers/Professionals and Developers who want to use SharePoint and need to know how to administer it, design new content and set up sites. This course can also help with the introduction of Office 365.


Admin Design



You Will:

  • Create and deploy SharePoint web applications
  • Enable apps, workflows and features to automate processes
  • Create sub sites using various SharePoint templates
  • Integrate Microsoft Office to function seamlessly with SharePoint
  • Creating departmental websites and site collections
  • Add and edit wiki and Web Part pages
  • Organising office documents using list and library apps, and metadata
  • Administer site security

This course introduces you to SharePoint and then to leads you through a number of the more advanced features of SharePoint including design and development concepts as well as the administrative features of SharePoint. It will start off by introducing the concepts behind SharePoint and move into the architectural structure of SharePoint.

This will then be backed up by covering the building blocks of SharePoint, i.e. lists in their many guises such as document libraries. The concepts behind SharePoint customisation will be discussed at all points during the course and we can also highlight the differences from SharePoint 2007 or 2010 if required.

Course Outline

General Topics
Overview of SharePoint
  • Logical Architecture
  • Physical Architecture
  • Role of SQL Server
  • Web Application
  • Site Templates
Administrative Structure
  • Server Administration
  • Site Administration
  • Server Backup
  • Email Integration
Office applications and SharePoint .
Site columns and content types (metadata).
Introduction to InfoPath Forms and Form libraries.
Create and edit Web page content
Creation of sub sites using various SharePoint templates.
SharePoint list and library views.
Library document versions.
SharePoint libraries.
Customisation of SharePoint lists.
SharePoint lists.
Navigation in a SharePoint Site
Basic permission management of SharePoint resources
The following list highlights the areas into which we shall go a little deeper to allow a full understanding of the concepts and operation of SharePoint.
Total Expansion and Implementation
Planning a Company Portal Using SharePoint
  • Defining SharePoint Governance
  • Working with Information Architecture
  • Implementing Site Hierarchies
Creating a Company Portal
  • Creating a Site Structure
  • Defining SharePoint Apps
  • Customising Lists and Libraries
  • Explaining Views on Lists and Libraries
  • Creating Views on Lists and Libraries
  • Modifying Navigation
Creating Consistency across Sites
  • Defining Site Columns
  • Defining Content Types
  • Implementing a Taxonomy
  • Configuring the Content Organiser
  • Using Templates to Promote Consistency
Securing a Company Portal
  • Explaining Permissions and Security in SharePoint
  • Creating SharePoint Groups
  • Managing Permissions within SharePoint
  • Sharing versus Traditional Security
Changing the Appearance of the Portal
  • Editing a Page
  • Using Publishing pages
  • Working with Web Parts and App Parts
  • Targeting Audiences with Content
Extending a Company Portal
  • Creating External Content Types
  • Setting up an eDiscovery Centre
  • Records Management options
Leveraging Web Content Management
  • Enabling Web Content Management
  • Managing the Structure of Web Content
  • Navigating a Site Using Managed Metadata
  • Introduction to workflows.
  • Workflows available
  • Designing workflows.
Bridging the Social Gap
  • Configuring Social Features in SharePoint
  • Creating a Community Site
Finding Information Using Search
  • Exploring the Search Features of SharePoint
  • Configuring the Search Settings
Controlling and Planning for Growth
  • Reviewing Governance for Site Administration
  • Discussing the Execution of Governance
Administering a Company Portal Built on SharePoint
  • Exploring Settings for Site Collection Administrators
  • Exploring Settings for Site Administrators

Whats included in this course?

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    Course Manual
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    Experienced Trainers
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    Certificate of Attendance
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    Unlimited Post Course Support

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed this course but do feel that the duration should be extended in order to allow more time to cover all of the topics. Noel was a fantastic trainer, happy to answer any questions and very good at explaining how to do something, thank you.

    Laura Chesters