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PowerPoint Advanced

1 Day Course
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Meetings, instruction, training, pitches; these are all a part of our daily lives. We are often called upon to deliver presentations with little notice, at multiple venues, and with varying requirements. And, some of these presentations include sensitive information that needs to be guarded. Given all the variables, it may seem an overwhelming task to deliver your content, on time, to all audiences, and to only those who need to see it. Oh, and by the way, you need to make it interesting, informative, and memorable. So, how do you do it? Without the help of a robust set of tools, it would be nearly impossible. But, PowerPoint provides you with a variety of such tools that can help you deliver content in nearly any situation, while saving time and effort. By taking advantage of these tools, you will be creating presentations that not only stand out from the crowd, but also don't consume all of your available time.

Target Student

This course is intended for students who have a foundational working knowledge of PowerPoint , who wish to take advantage of the application's higher-level usability, security, collaboration, and distribution functionality.


To ensure your success, we recommend that you first take an introductory course, such as Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction or have equivalent knowledge and skills. 

Course Outline

1. Diagrams within PowerPoint
  • Creating and Formatting an Organisation Chart
  • Creating a Cycle Diagram
  • Creating a Pyramid Diagram
  • Creating a Flowchart Using ‘Shapes’
  • Editing Flowchart Shapes and Connectors
2. Charts in PowerPoint
  • Chart Title
  • Chart Legend
  • Data Labels
  • Axes Labels
  • Changing Chart Type
  • Chart Gap and Overlaps
  • Using Images in Chart Columns or Rows
  • Formatting the Plot and Chart Area Using Graphics
  • Axis Scales
3. PowerPoint Video and Audio
  • Using Video
  • Changing the Brightness and Contrast of a Video
  • Re-Colouring a Video
  • Adding a Poster Frame Image to a Video
  • Resetting a Video
  • Applying a Video Style
  • Playing a Video in a Shape
  • Changing the Colour and Weight of a Video Border
  • Applying Special Effects to a Video
  • Trimming Video
  • Video Looping
  • Using Audio
4. PowerPoint Animation
  • Applying Animation Effects
  • Animation Triggers
  • Using the Animation Painter
  • Creating Custom Animation Effects
  • Modifying Custom Animation Settings
  • Changing the Custom Animation Sequence
  • Using Custom Animation to Fade Bulleted Paragraphs
  • Animating Chart Columns by Series
  • Animating, or Not Animating, the Chart Grid and Legend
  • Animating SmartArt
5. Linking and Embedding In PowerPoint
  • Action Buttons - Linking to a Different Slide
  • Action Buttons - Linking to a Specific Slide
  • Action Buttons - Linking to a URL
  • Action Buttons - Linking to Custom Shows
  • Action Buttons - Linking to a Different File
  • Linking Data into a Slide and Displaying As an Icon Object
  • Linking and Updating Objects
  • Breaking a Link
  • Inserting a Link to a Graphics File
  • Embedding Data into a Slide and Displaying It as an Object
  • Editing or Deleting Embedded Data
6. Hyperlinks and PowerPoint
  • Creating and Editing Hyperlinks
7. Merging, Comparing & Exporting withing PowerPoint
8. PowerPoint Slide Shows
  • Creating Custom Slide Shows
  • Editing a Custom Slide Show
  • Copying and Deleting Custom Slide Shows
  • Slide Show Transitions and Timings
  • Controlling Slide Show Looping
  • Applying Settings So That Slides Advance Manually
  • Setting a Slide Show to Use Timings
  • Enabling or Disabling Slide Show Animations
  • Controlling a Slide Show
9. Sharing PowerPoint Presentations
  • Marking As Final
  • Permissions – Encrypting With a Password
  • Converting a Presentation to a Video
  • Packing for a CD
  • Saving As a PDF Format
10. PowerPoint Presentation Design & Compatibility Issues
  • Planning Your Presentation
  • Turn Off Your Computer Screen Saver
  • Issues Relating to Presentation Timing
  • Using Graphics, Diagrams and Charts to Convey Ideas
  • Limiting the Level of Detail within a Presentation
  • Using a Consistent Design Scheme and Adequate Colour Contrast
  • Accessibility Considerations When Designing a Presentation
  • Using Alt (Alternative) Text Tags
  • The Accessibility Checker
  • The Document Inspector
  • The Compatibility Checker

Private Courses

We can arrange your own private PowerPoint course.


Have us build a custom private course tailored to your needs.

Cost Effective

If you are looking to training a group of people private courses can be very cost effective.

Post Course Support

Unlimited post course email support on the course topics.

What Our Clients Think

The trainer was very through and very helpful. The course was delivered superbly and I'm very pleased.

David O'Hara - Multibrands UK

Course is well structured and instructor delivered the content, and more, perfectly. No question left unanswered, no theory unexplained.

Aidan Hamill - Intact Software

Got a really good and rounded training session. It met more than my original needs, and has given me great confidence.

Debbie Seymour - FatFace

Very good, trainer was excellent.

Mike Hartley-Bingle - XPS Pensions Group

As usual a first class training course.

Wendy Thomas - Aldi Stores Ltd

Very good course. I've been using the software constantly in the last three months and still learnt a lot.

George Martin - NHS North of England

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