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SPSS Syntax Introduction

2 Day Course
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SPSS syntax is a language containing instructions for analyzing and editing data and other SPSS commands.

This SPSS Syntax Introduction course targets those who wish to gain an understanding of the basic structure of SPSS Syntax.

The course provides users of SPSS with the essential skills and knowledge required to begin to become effective and productive users of SPSS Syntax.

By the end of our course you will have learned to:

  • Open up SPSS files using Syntax
  • Define variables using Syntax
  • Create Compute and Recode variables
  • Prepare Data for Analysis
  • Import Data From Excel
  • Create simple IF statements


Experience of working in the Windows environment and a general understanding of key Windows features. Attendees should also have basic familiarity with SPSS procedures including variable definition, entering and editing data, opening and saving data files, compute and recode procedures, dealing with output and saving output.

Course Outline

1. 1 - Introduction
  • The Journal – What is it?
  • How To Set The Journal.
  • The Log – What is it?
  • How To Set Log Options.
  • Syntax Files
  • The Syntax Editor
  • Writing Syntax Using The Log
2. 2 - Syntax For Data Entry
  • Raw Data Entry
  • Importing From Excel
  • Opening A SPSS .sav File
  • Saving Data with Syntax.
  • Adding Comments
3. 3 - Preparing Data
  • Renaming Variables
  • Labelling Variables
  • Creating Value Labels
  • Missing Values
  • Checking Datafile Layout and Variable Content
4. 4 - Amending The Datafile
  • Extracting To A Smaller Datafile
  • Adding New Variables
  • Sorting Cases
  • Adding New Cases
  • Changing Variable Format
5. 5 - Using String Variables
  • Converting Numeric Values To Text
  • Recoding Variables
  • Converting Categorical Text to Numeric
  • Changing The Case Of Text
  • If Statements
  • Computing New Values
6. 6 - Using Date And Time Variables
  • Setting Date Time Formats
  • Extracting Date Elements
  • Calculations With Dates
7. 7 - Using Numeric Variables
  • Deleting Variables
  • Computing New Values
  • Creating Categories For Numeric Values
  • Counting Data Values
8. 8 - Data Exploration
  • Frequencies
  • Crosstabs
  • Explore
  • Examine Distribution
9. 9 - Sub-sections Of Data
  • Selecting Parts Of Your Data
  • Splitting The Datafile
  • Temporary Command
  • Select IF Command

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What Our Clients Think

I found the course very relevant to a lot of the day-to-day work I do.

Sian Stephenson - Aldi Stores Ltd

The trainer was very through and very helpful. The course was delivered superbly and I'm very pleased.

David O'Hara - Multibrands UK

Fantastic tutor. Great course! Thank you.

Joel Weaver - Science Ltd

Cannot fault the content & delivery of the course at all. A brilliant service from start to finish. Thank you Systematix.

Claire Mitchell - Denbighshire County Council

Excellent course, The trainer was very helpful and taught the group a wide range of new Word skills.

Ben Cooper - TSS

Very informative course, very useful tips on how to work with SQL Management Studio. A lot of SQL quirks explained, a lot of good examples.

Magdalena Piekarska - Veolia

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