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SQL Advanced Querying

1 Day Course
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Course Information


Students will learn advanced queries and how to add, update, and delete data, tables, views, and indexes.

Target Student

Students should already understand the basics of querying a database with the SQL command language. They should be comfortable issuing SELECT queries against one or more tables and understand query concepts, such as joins.


Students will learn how to change, update and manipulate an SQL database.


SQL Fundamentals of Querying or equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline

1. Querying with unions and advanced joins
  • Querying multiple tables with unions
  • Advanced Joins
  • Calculating with COMPUTE
2. Querying with subqueries
  • Subqueries
3. Adding data
  • Inserting data
4. Updating and removing data
  • Updating records
  • Deleting records
  • Deleting the contents of tables
5. Manipulating tables and views
  • Creating tables
  • Modifying tables
  • Deleting tables
  • Adding and removing views
6. Ensuring data integrity with transactions
  • Transactions
7. Creating databases
  • Creating a database with SQL
  • Deleting a database

Private Courses

We can arrange your own private SQL course.


Have us build a custom private course tailored to your needs.

Cost Effective

If you are looking to training a group of people private courses can be very cost effective.

Post Course Support

Unlimited post course email support on the course topics.

What Our Clients Think

Very informative and was at a good pace. Lots of extra useful tips too.

Harry Finch - Lancashire Insurance

Really enjoyed this course. It delivered exactly what I wanted out it.

Malkit Singh - Regatta Ltd

A great course. The trainers experience and knowledge is a great asset.

Nancy Shering - Equinix Group Ltd

The trainer did a fantastic job of delivering the course and providing understanding

Niall Simmons - Haven Power

I took so much away from this course and felt Stuart's teaching method was exceptional.

Rowanne Kiehl - SSE

Very good at tailoring the course to my needs. Very individual and attentive.

Andrew Griffin - Blackfin

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Students will learn advanced queries and how to add, update, and delete data, tables, views, and indexes.

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