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SQL Training Courses

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We provide a comprehensive selection of SQL training courses to suit the needs of businesses and individuals when organising, editing and managing databases. SQL queries are integral in extracting information from databases and the quality of query correlates directly with the quality of information having a substantial impact on the everyday functioning of a business.

Find below specifications for our range of courses. If you are unsure, which course is most suitable or have additional requirements relating to course content or management, please contact us to guarantee fulfilment of all your training requirements.

Standard SQL Courses

Students will learn what SQL is and how it can help them query a database to answer business questions.

Students will learn advanced queries and how to add, update, and delete data, tables, views, and indexes.

This SQL training course is for those who need to extract data from relational database servers like MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

All our trainers are experienced professionals with relevant industry experience and all courses are practically focused allowing participants to immediately apply their learning in the workplace. In addition, we offer unlimited post course support to ascertain that participants will get the full benefit from the course.

Why use Structured Query Language? (SQL):

  1. SQL Standard: First standard for SQL was in 1986 by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ISO (International Standards Organization) followed in 1987. The latest standard part was made in 2011.
  2. Portable: SQL runs on mainframes, PCs, laptops, servers, tablets and smartphones. It runs in local systems, intranet and internet. Databases using SQL can be moved from device to another without problems.
  3. Open Source: Free databases from MySQL, MariaDB and PostGres means, SQL databases can be used at low cost and with large communitiews behind them.
  4. Used by major DBMS system vendors: SQL is used by all vendors such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft who develop DBMS.
  5. Easy to learn and understand: SQL consists mainly of English statements and making it easy to learn and write a SQL queries.
  6. Interactive language: SQL can be used to talk to databases and get answers to complex questions in seconds.
  7. Programming language: SQL can be used by programmers writing applications using databases, for example, shopping applications on the internet.
  8. Complete language for a database: SQL is used to create databases, manage security of a database. While its main use is for updating, retrieving and sharing data with multiple users.
  9. Multiple data views: Different users of the database can by SQL be given different views of the structure and content of the database.
  10. Client/Server language: SQL is used to connect front end computers (clients) and back end databases (servers). Thus, supporting the client-server architecture.
  11. Internet usage: SQL can be used in three tiered Internet architecture. The architecture includes a client, application server and a database.
  12. SQL a highly desirable skill: Many jobs including IT support, web development and business data analysis require skills in SQL.

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