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InDesign Training Courses

Which InDesign course is right for you?

Our Adobe InDesign courses comes in two level. The introduction course provides delegates with the skills for creating, editing and outputting a document. Our advance course teaches delegate how to build and manage more complex payout and documents.

Standard InDesign Courses

InDesign Introduction

Giving your documents a well-designed, professional look will put you a step ahead in the marketplace cluttered with all kinds of communications. Paragraph and character styles that allow you to format pages of text uniformly, layout features that help you to build alternate size configurations of your document, and various panels that enable you to easily customize both text and graphics. Adobe InDesign has all the tools you need to elevate the look of your document and get it out to the people who need to see it, whether it be in print or on the web.

InDesign Advanced

In Adobe InDesign Introduction you were introduced to the many features that help you create professional looking documents. Now you need to create much lengthier interactive documents that need to be accessed across a range of devices. In Adobe InDesign Advanced, you will learn advanced InDesign techniques to enhance the look and functionality of your documents.

InDesign CC Interactivity and Animation

This course is designed to maximise the expansive interactivity and animation features of InDesign. Using the new features of Adobe InDesign, you can extend its capabilities to sophisticated presentations and animated online documentation.

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