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Illustrator Training Courses

Which Illustrator course is right for you?

As one of the leading vector graphics packages Illustrator offers a rich set of features enabling its user to design power graphics suitable for both print and digital distributions.  Our course will help you get the most and help you produce precise and eye catching designs.

Standard Illustrator Courses

Illustrator Introduction

To meet the demands of individuals and organizations for flexible, reusable, and easily modified visual content, Adobe Systems has created a cadre of applications that collectively provide a scalable, end-to-end solution for nearly every type of visual design project one can contemplate. Called Creative Cloud (CC), the collection of applications perform specialized design tasks while interoperating among each other to deliver superlative content.

Illustrator Advanced

You have created simple artwork using the basic drawing and painting tools available in Illustrator. You now want to create complex artwork using advanced tools, options, and effects. In addition, you want to ensure that your artwork is ready for commercial printing and also save it for the Web. In this course, you will draw complex illustrations, and enhance them using various painting options. You will also learn techniques such as using painting tools, manage colors, format type, work with effects, prepare artwork for commercial printing, and prepare graphics for the web.

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