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CorelDraw Training Courses

Which CorelDraw course is right for you?

CorelDraw is a well established vector graphics package offering a versatile tool set that allows for the creation of graphics suitable for both print and web distribution. Our courses will help accelerate your skills so you can take advantage of the powerful tools this software has to offer.

Standard CorelDraw Courses

CorelDRAW Introduction

CorelDRAW contains many features and tools that enable you to create attractive illustrations, brochures, logos, and other such artwork. The advanced features bundled in this software assist you in the creation of sophisticated designs and effects. Getting to know this software and its working will help you in creating effective compositions efficiently. In this course, you will explore the basics of CorelDRAW, customize the application to suit your needs, create graphical objects and format them, add text to the objects, and set advanced printing options.

CorelDRAW Advanced

You created, edited, formatted, and printed basic drawings. You now have a need to create a more professional brochure. In this course, you will use CorelDRAW to create the brochure and enhance its appearance with advanced colors, charts, graphics, and formulas.

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