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  • What is customer service?
  • Why is it important?
  • Putting customer needs first
  • Making the customer feel special and valued
  • Internal customers
  • External customers
  • Finding out what your customers want and need
  • What impression do you create?
  • Importance of timeliness
  • Ensuring quality and consistency
  • Setting expectations
  • What impression do you create?
  • Establishing rapport
  • Keeping things professional
  • Showing empathy - ensuring the customer feels listened to
  • The communication funnel
  • The art of asking good questions
  • Active listening skills
  • Body language
  • First impressions count
  • Methods of transferring calls
  • Passing on messages
  • Phrases to avoid on the telephone
  • Understanding different customer typesand how to handle them
  • Handling unreasonable expectations
  • What to say or do - what not to say or do
  • Delivering bad news
  • Problem solving in different situations
  • Understanding why customers complain
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Measuring results
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There are currently no public dates for this course. This course can be run as a private course either at one of our training centers or at your offices. To get pricing for this use our quote wizard to generate a customised quote or call us on 0118 324 3000 to discuss your requirements.

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1 Day


  • Noel was an excellent tutor. He did check all of the group was able to keep up and if there were any problems or questions of the attendants, he was always willing to help.

    Marianne Seager - Wincanton
  • This was a really good training, nicely paced, very useful and well presented. Thank you, Stuart!

    Joris Latinne - Oracle